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Radiologic use of a contrast medium to opacify a sinus tract.
[sinus + G. graphō, to write]
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Nasal endoscopy of the accessory nasal cavity revealed that it was small and did not communicate with the ipsilateral normal nasal cavity, a finding that was later confirmed by sinography. No anomalies were seen in the normal nasal cavities.
Following sinography through the catheters, which at fluoroscopy showed no communication, 50 cc of alcohol (95% sterile ethanol) was injected and left in the cyst for approximately 40 minutes and then removed.
If a large volume of alcohol is used, a minimal risk of alcohol intoxication is present; other side effects include transient low-grade fever, hemorrhage into the cyst, and abdominal pain.[25] Communication of the cyst with the peritoneum or biliary tree is a contraindication to alcohol sclerotherapy, so catheter sinography under fluoroscopy is done at the time of aspiration and prior to sclerotherapy.