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pertaining to the sinus venosus and the atrium of the heart.

sin·u·a·tri·al (S-A, SA),

Relating to the sinus venosus and the right atrium of the heart.
Synonym(s): sinoatrial


/si·no·atri·al/ (si″no-a´tre-al) pertaining to the sinus venosus and the atrium of the heart.


Of or relating to the sinoatrial node: a sinoatrial heart block.

sinoatrial (SA)

Etymology: L sinus, hollow, atrium, hall
pertaining to the sinus node and atrium. Also called sinoauricular.


(SA) (sin'yū-ā'trē-ăl)
Relating to the sinus venosus of the embryo, or the sinus of the venae cavae of the mature heart, and the right atrium.
Synonym(s): sinoatrial.


pertaining to the sinus venosus and the atrium of the heart or to the sinoatrial node; abbreviated S-A, SA.

sinoatrial block
an absence of a discharge from the sinoatrial node. The heart is regular unless there is an underlying atrial arrhythmia. Considered to be within the limits of normality provided it disappears with exercise.
sinoatrial node
a collection of atypical muscle fibers and nerve endings in the wall of the right atrium, adjacent to the sulcus terminalis, where the rhythm of cardiac contraction is usually established; therefore also referred to as the pacemaker of the heart. Called also sinoatrial bundle, Keith's node, Keith-Flack node.
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Branching pattern of sinoatrial and atrioventricular nodal arteries in patients undergoing cardiac catheterization in a tertiary care hospital.
Near the end of this phase, the sinoatrial node emits an electric impulse.
Thus, it seems likely that the delayed heart rate recovery and lower HRV time-domain indices, observed in the current study, after 60 minutes of recovery from ultra-endurance moderate exercise combined with complete sleep deprivation may reflect sympatho-vagal imbalance at the sinoatrial level resulting from reduced parasympathetic cardiac modulation and/or sustained sympathetic modulation of heart rate during recovery.
But the significance of the study is that it raises the possibility that sinoatrial ion channels and the signaling molecules that regulate them could be novel targets for drugs to slow the loss of aerobic capacity with age.
Os di-hidropiridinicos, como a anlodipina e a nifedipina, apresentam menor efeito inotropico negativo e nao inibem o no sinoatrial e a conducao atrioventricular, podendo ser usados em pacientes com disfuncao sistolica ou em associacao com betabloqueadores, quando estes forem ineficazes como monoterapia.
bradycardia), of importance in patients with 'sick sinus syndrome' or other supraventricular cardiac conduction disturbances such as sinoatrial or atrioventricular block.
As the catheter tip approached the sinoatrial node, it was observed that the R-R interval prolonged and the heart rate slowed down.
SDNN reflects the sympathetic and para sympathetic influence on HRV [25], and pNN50 and rMSSD reflect vagal modulation of the sinoatrial node.
Due to the unstable membrane potential of the myocites located in the region of sinoatrial node, corresponding action potentials are derived periodically at a fairly constant level of rhythmical heart beats.
Este choque despolariza em conjunto todas as fibras musculares do miocardio, tornando possivel a reversao de arritmias graves, permitindo ao no sinoatrial retomar a geracao e o controle do ritmo cardiaco normal.