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n a process to relax by focusing attention on points of contact between the body and the surface it lies or stands on and imagining the body sinking down into the support surface, with the rhythmic modulation of breaths.
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ARSBC director of government relations Tex Enemark argues that the sinkings also boost tourism in nearby communities, drawing money into them and creating jobs.
Buck Suzuki Foundation, and Coastwatch oppose the sinkings.
Enemark says that in the past all ARSBC vessels have been subject to the guidelines set out by the Federal Environmental Assessment Review Office and more recent sinkings have been subject to the Federal Environmental Assessment Act.
The Artificial Reef Society of BC (ARSBC) says sinking old Canadian warships creates "artificial reefs" that attract a wide variety of marine life and millions of dollars a year in diving tourism.
Enemark responds that before any sinking, the vessel is rigorously inspected by Environment Canada to ensure it meets environmental standards.
He claims that no more than a litre of oil has ever surfaced after a sinking.
She says the HMCS Chaudiere had an estimated salvage value of over $900,000 in aluminum, steel and other precious metals and the recycling would have created jobs while saving taxpayers the expense of the sinking.