single-strand break

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sin·gle-·strand break

a break in double-stranded DNA in which only one of the two strands has been cleaved; both strands have not separated from each other.
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An increase in DNA single-strand breaks was observed after 2 hr of exposure to the magnetic field at flux density of [greater than or equal to] 0.
Two slides were prepared from the brain of each animal: one for assay of DNA single-strand breaks and the other for double-strand breaks.
1991), was used to detect in-vivo DNA single-strand breaks in hamster livers.
amarus extract at a dose equivalent to 2 g/kg body weight of dried plant did not cause DNA single-strand breaks in hamster liver as detected by the alkaline-elution method (Table 2).
Concerning the persistence of genetic damage, it is noteworthy that DNA single-strand breaks are usually repaired within 15 min and that DNA double-strand breaks are repaired within 2 hr (Plappert et al.
RFS 2000 is a second generation topoisomerase I inhibitor that causes single-strand breaks in the DNA of rapidly dividing tumor cells.
1992), substantiated by single-strand breaks and inter/intrastrand cross-links (Caraceni et al.
54) used different end points and cultured primary rat hepatocytes and found that melatonin markedly reduced nuclear DNA single-strand breaks induced by [K.

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