single-strand break

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sin·gle-·strand break

a break in double-stranded DNA in which only one of the two strands has been cleaved; both strands have not separated from each other.
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Although the DNA repair pathways activated by asbestos are largely unknown, the spectrum of DNA damage induced by asbestos suggests a role for single-strand breaks (SSBs) in asbestos-induced genotoxicity.
The effect of iron binding on the ability of crocidolite asbestos to catalyze DNA single-strand breaks. Carcinogenesis 16(2):319-325.
Two slides were prepared from the brain of each animal: one for assay of DNA single-strand breaks and the other for double-strand breaks.
In addition, prolonging the duration of exposure from 24 to 48 hr significantly increased cumulative single- and double-strand breaks in cells: Single-strand breaks: F(3,28) = 28.66, p < 0.01; 24-hr vs.
7-Nitroindazole treatment also blocked magnetic-field-induced increases in single- and double-strand breaks in brain cells [ANOVA shows significant treatment effects: F(3,26) = 50.52, p < 0.001 for single-strand breaks; F(3,26) = 22.57, p < 0.001 for double-strand breaks].
(1991), was used to detect in-vivo DNA single-strand breaks in hamster livers.
amarus extract at a dose equivalent to 2 g/kg body weight of dried plant did not cause DNA single-strand breaks in hamster liver as detected by the alkaline-elution method (Table 2).
We used the alkaline-elution method to detect DNA single-strand breaks in hamster liver beause it is an in v ivo short-term assay that is sensitive and simple (Sripanidkulchai et al.
Thus, it is necessary to discuss how the observed defect in the removal of ENU-induced single-strand breaks might relate to the pathogenesis of AD.
A decreased activity of one or both of these DNA glycosylases in quiescent PBL might thus explain the slower removal of ENU-induced single-strand breaks as observed in quiescent PBL from some normal individuals |28, 31~ and familial AD patients (Table II |29~).
Oxidative damage of DNA is known to induce single-strand breaks and inter-/intrastrand cross-links (Caraceni et al.
Potent protective effect of melatonin on chromium(VI)-induced DNA single-strand breaks, cytotoxicity, and lipid peroxidation in primary cultures of rat hepatocytes.

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