single-crystal sapphire

single-crystal sapphire,

n a single-crystal endosteal implant made of α-alumina oxide with a Knoop hardness number of 1.750. The implants are threaded and supplied in three sizes: 3, 4, and 5.
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ARC Energy's CHES500 Furnace, the world's largest automated production sapphire furnace, capable of producing single-crystal sapphire boules, which are the largest crack-free sapphire crystals in the world and are used in LED lighting and cell phone cover glass.
Rubicon Technology, a leading materials science solutions provider in research, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of high-quality single-crystal sapphire and other advanced technology materials, raised $93.
Kyocera's Ultra-Thin Single-Crystal Sapphire Substrate is a sheet-like "bendable" sapphire glass of just 0.