single ventricle

sin·gle ven·tri·cle

congenital absence or near total absence of the ventricular septum.
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CT imaging in congenital heart disease: an approach to imaging and interpreting complex lesions after surgical intervention for tetralogy of fallot, transposition of the great arteries, and single ventricle heart disease.
It will cater for the families of babies born with single ventricle heart conditions, leaving them with only half a working heart.
When we saw him he said it was a single ventricle heart which was also facing the other way.
The majority of children born with HLHS undergo a series of three procedures, together known as single ventricle palliation (SVP), culminating in the Fontan procedure.
With Fontan operation systemic venous return is directed to the pulmonary system and single ventricle is provided to maintain systemic circulation.
No artificial blood pump currently exists that can provide the necessary low-pressure support in the four-way flow system that is constructed surgically in patients with single ventricle heart disease to reach a final circulation known as Fontan circulation.
The charity said it was well documented that surgical teams that performed larger numbers of operations for single ventricle conditions had better short and long-term success rates.
In the lizard heart, TBX5 had no separation, suggesting a single ventricle.
Two in every 1,000 babies in the United States are born with this type of single ventricle heart defect.
Last month surgeons performed a Fontan operation, the standard treatment for patients with single ventricle defects.

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