gel diffusion precipitin tests in one dimension

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gel dif·fu·sion pre·cip·i·tin tests in one di·men·sion

precipitin tests in which antigen solution and antibody incorporated in agar are layered in tubes, permitting effective diffusion in the vertical dimension; the antibody-containing agar may be overlaid directly with antigen solution (single [gel] diffusion in one dimension).
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It is unclear in the discussion of 'the gel method' (Eisele 1994: 5) exactly which of several methods for detecting Ag/Ab reactions in gel is meant - whether single immunodiffusion or Oudin, double-diffusion or Ouchterlony, rocket electrophoresis, crossed-electrophoresis, immuno-electrophoresis or tandem crossed immuno-electrophoresis (Johnstone & Thorpe 1982).
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