single crystal sapphire

sin·gle crys·tal sap·phire

(sing'gĕl kris'tăl saf'īr)
Material composed of a crystalline aluminum oxide identical in structure to that of a sapphire gemstone; used as dental implant.
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Ongoing research & developments in terms of material have resulted in the invention of sub-[eth]-m grain size polycrystalline [eth]-Al2O3 aluminum oxynitride and various other materials such as magnesium aluminate spinel and single crystal sapphire as a substitute to conventional opaque ceramics.
Tenders invited for Single crystal sapphire substrates
Made of sintered zirconia, with a single crystal sapphire cover, VULT has invested over three years of research and development into anti-fraud technologies, ensuring the diamonds cannot be tampered with or replaced.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Single Crystal Sapphire Substrates