single cell protein

single cell protein (SCP)

CELLS of MICROORGANISMS grown primarily for use as a source of protein for animal or human food. Single cell protein may be used directly as a food, for example PRUTEEN or QUORN, or as a food supplement, for example yeast extract. Microorganisms have certain properties that make them particularly suitable for use as a single cell protein: they grow rapidly, use a wide range of substrates including inexpensive agricultural and industrial wastes, and produce large amounts of BIOMASS of high protein content. Furthermore production is not dependent on seasonal or climatic conditions and production plants occupy limited space.
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This creates a single cell protein that is harvested and dried prior to being pelletised.
Since the quality of microbial protein (also called as single cell protein) is considered equal to animal protein, there is growing interest in its production and utilization [1].
According to the notification, Sumera Siddiqui, daughter of Abdul Ghaffar Siddiqui, was awarded a degree in the subject of Zoology after approval of her thesis entitled 'Low Cost Single Cell Protein Based Fish Feed For Early Culturing of Labeo Rohita'.
IncellDx offers diagnostic and prognostic clinical patient information based on a technology platform that enables quantitative, simultaneous cell classification and single cell protein analysis, multiplex RNA in situ hybridization, and DNA cell cycle analysis.
In Pakistan, cheap and nonconventional agricultural and industrial residues can be accumulated up to 50 million ton and fermented for production of single cell protein (SCP) [2, 3].
Production of single cell protein (SCP) with Aspergillus terreus using solid state fermentation.
Production and utilization of single cell protein (SCP) is an important attempt to solve these problems [2].
Abstract A study was conducted to evaluate the effect of replacement of soybean meal with yeast single cell protein (YSCP) on broiler performance.
Rouxii KKUY-0157 produced the highest fresh biomass weight 31.76 30.96 and 30.69 g/L respectively as a single cell protein production.
Amino acid digestibility of single cell protein from Corynebacterium ammoniagenes in growing pigs.
[7] studied the production of single cell protein from agricultural wastes by fungi.

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