sin tax

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'sin' tax

A popular term for any tax levied on 'pleasure poisons'–eg, alcohol, tobacco. See Alcohol, Smoking.
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To do so, we first summarize the standard social welfare arguments underlying sin tax policies.
Governments don't always spend sin tax money the way they promise.
Rodriguez said the revenues to be collected from the sin tax law will be allocated and divided among the provinces producing burley and native tobacco and that the fund shall be exclusively utilized for programs to promote economically viable alternatives for tobacco farmers.
Clinton quietly let the alcohol industry off the hook way back in September when he decided to drop it from the list of sin tax increases he would seek from Congress.
Secretary of Finance Cesar Purisima, in approving the regulation, said, In 2013, revenues from the Sin Tax Law were 51% higher than projected.
This is a sin tax, not intended to raise a single penny in revenue.
Pinkney was instrumental in the passage of Cleveland's Issue 5, Extension of the Sin Tax.
E-cigarettes are being branded without the warnings of health hazards of smoking and may prove to be cheaper especially with the imposition of the sin tax or a higher tax on cigarettes," she said.
Since the e cigarette has no known adverse health effects to date, it is not easily taxed at the current sin tax rates that are imposed on smokers for the use of tobacco cigarettes, and with the political climate of spending and taxing in these political times, it may be a way for smokers to ease the tax burden placed on them, therefore saving the smoker much needed cash.
I get concerned that people see this as an old sin tax or a punishment on moral issues," Warren said.
The sin tax is an especially effective way to ratchet up the state's takings because it's based on divide-and-conquer politics.
Rufus Rodriguez (2nd District, Cagayan de Oro City) on what else the BIR is doing to ensure that the right excise taxes are being collected by the government following the enactment of the Sin Tax Reform Law, Henares said the BIR would implement the use of secured tax stamps for cigarettes.