simultaneity paradigm

simultaneity paradigm (of nursing)

A nursing theory that views the person as interacting continuously and bidirectionally with the environment, regards health as an evolutionary process, and considers that each society has its own definitions of wellness and illness
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The simultaneity paradigm emerged from her creative thinking and it is distinctly different from the totality paradigm.
Parse (1987) proposed that the evolving theoretical bases for nursing could be classified in either the Totality Paradigm or in the Simultaneity Paradigm.
Other theories in the simultaneity paradigm are briefly discussed as adjunct potential theoretical foundations for space nursing.
Parse (1987) has classified the two basic worldviews or paradigms in nursing today as the "Totality Paradigm," which focuses on the person as a bio-psychosocial summation of parts, and the "Simultaneity Paradigm," which posits person as an energy field integral with the environment.