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1. Not complex or compound.
2. In anatomy, composed of a minimum number of parts.
3. A medicinal herb.
[L. simplex]


/sim·ple/ (sim´p'l) neither compound nor complex; single.


1 describing something composed of only one or a minimum number of parts or elements.
2 not involved or complicated.


(of structures) having a single form; an example might be simple epithelium. Compare COMPOUND.

Patient discussion about simple

Q. Can any one help her to reduce her weight in a simple way? Hi, my cousin Lee; 2 years ago she got married. Now she have 1 child. After her delivery her weight increased to 200 pounds. She tried to lose about 40 pounds but she reduced up to 160 pounds. Now she is unable to maintain those pounds. Now she started to gain some more weight again. She didn’t change her diet. Can any one help her to reduce her weight in a simple way? And how can she maintain it?

A. Generally some women will gain weight after their delivery. I feel happy to hear that your cousin tried to reduce her weight and she was success in it. But her problem is that she didn’t maintain it. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, and 2 servings of low-fat milk. Not even diet soda. Balance a 2:1, protein, carbohydrate ratio in every meal and snack. Don’t eat meat, crabs or any heavy food within 5 hours of bedtime. And try to exercise at least 2-3 times a week. These are some easiest way which helped me to reduce my weight. Hope this will help your cousin too. All the best!

Q. Can someone clear in simple term to make me understand—please? A difficult and new confusion struck me….. Can someone clear in simple term to make me understand—please? What makes TCM close to modern medicine and what are 5-element treatment and their role in depression and related disorders like bipolar.

A. To be simple let me say that TCM is similar to modern type of system as they try to link the diagnosis with the biochemical nature of the body. TCM diagnoses and try to treat bipolar and other depression related disorder from physiochemical understanding., whereas 5-element therapy does not treat body as it is concerned with spirit treatment and is completely different subject to understand and yes it has been reported to heal depression in many.

Q. How do i keep me fit? does someone has a simple and easy exercise that will help me to keep my fitness?

A. CLASYWOM is right, walking 45 minutes 4-5 days a week will change your life. and you can do it as a part of your day- walk to the supermarket, don't use elevators, use stairs and only this will do wonders.

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What is fundamentally important", Cllr Buchanan highlighted, "is a simpler CAP which will more effectively allow sustainable job creation in rural areas and facilitate and support more young farmers who are the future of the industry.
Clearsight Advisors Inc consulted Simpler on the financial aspects of the deal.
By making the backup and recovery process faster, simpler, verifiable and more cost effective, sophisticated storage systems extend the benefits of backup software and vastly improve the data protection infrastructure.
and our country considers toppling militarily the leader of another sovereign state (World War II, at least in retrospect, was a lot simpler ethically).
Auspex's NSc3000 is the first SAN-to-NAS gateway capable of storing and accessing files on heterogeneous storage subsystems, providing simpler and less expensive management of data assets.
Simulation is now also simpler when it comes to thick, chunky parts that are not accurately approximated by a midplane model.
Whenever Harry heard his fellow cottagers recalling the good old days, those, so-called, simpler times, he would just nod without comment.
When we make a requirement simpler to understand and simpler to comply with, we make it simpler for our office to determine compliance," says Hiram Bernstein, senior legal advisor for the USPTO.
These smaller, simpler devices offer significant advantages.
Darwinian theory holds that by a process of natural selection, simpler organisms evolve into more complex ones.