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As an economist, I specialize in being simple-minded.
The ads for inspirational, feel-good drama "On a Clear Day" sport the following simple-minded, but truthful blurb: "If you love 'The Full Monty,' you'll adore 'On a Clear Day.
There was a funny thing about the material, however; it was invisible to those who were unfit for office or who were extraordinarily simple-minded.
McDaniel does not gloss over cultural imperatives, and the characters are neither simple-minded nor wrong-headed as they examine their loyalties, duties, and beliefs.
Of course it was despicable that they should regard the club's players with such obvious contempt and their supporters as such simple-minded dupes.
A simple-minded but good-hearted bachelor who fears his aunts and the prospect of marriage, Wooster is rescued from innumerable complicated situations by the resourceful and innately superior Jeeves.