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3) Breast conserving procedure was done in 44 cases (85%) and simple mastectomy in 8 cases (15%), one of the patients was treated with adjuvant radiotherapy after primary surgery due to chest wall invasion.
Procedures coded as simple mastectomy with a lymph node dissection were recoded as an extended simple mastectomy.
8 Payer HMO 3,146 11 Medicare 5,740 6 Medicaid 750 3 Commercial 4,579 6 Self-pay/other 658 10 State New Jersey 2,886 3 Colorado 1,366 22 Maryland 2,074 12 Connecticut 1,226 8 New York 7,323 4 Premenopausal 3,844 7 ([less than]50 years old) Any comorbidities 6,879 3 Any metastases 4,654 3 Simple mastectomy 2,449 15 Breast reconstruction 3,149 2 Hospital Ownership Private for profit 378 11 Public 633 5 Private nonprofit 13,864 7 Teaching hospital 8,322 6 Urban hospital 13,996 7 Adjusted 95 Percent Odds Ratio [++] Confidence Interval Total patients -- -- Payer HMO 1.
11] is simple lumpectomy for grade 1 tumors, simple mastectomy for grade 2 tumors and mastectomy with axillary clearance for grade 3 tumors.
Most cases treated by excision, one case each by wide local excision, simple mastectomy and microdochotomy.
1] breast margin may suffice as the treatment but larger malignant variety may require simple mastectomy as treatment pertaining to that individual case and number of recurrences.
Specimen for histo-pathological examination was obtained after trucut biopsy, wide local excision, simple mastectomy and modified radical mastectomy depending upon the staging of breast carcinoma.
Simple mastectomy with axillary lymph node biopsy was done and the specimen was sent for histopathological examination (HPE).
All the incision scars healed by primary intention except in a case of simple mastectomy, lateral wound gaped, secondary suturing was done at a later stage.
Following one and a half months of anti tubercular therapy, patient developed multiple discharging sinuses involving right breast which was disfiguring, causing distress; hence simple mastectomy was done.

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