simple glaucoma

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o·pen-·an·gle glau·co·ma

primary glaucoma in which the aqueous humor has free access to the trabecular meshwork.

simple glaucoma

Etymology: L, simplex, not mixed; Gk, glaucoma, cataract
chronic open-angle glaucoma without complications but with visual field loss and optic atrophy.

o·pen-an·gle glau·co·ma

(ō'pĕn-ang'gĕl glaw-kō'mă)
This most prevalent form of the disease is sometimes called 'the thief in the night.' The flow of aqueous humor is slowed or completely stopped by an obstruction in the trabecular network.
Synonym(s): simple glaucoma, glaucoma simplex.
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If medicines fail to reduce the pressure in chronic simple glaucoma, and if there's a continuing loss of visual field or vision, surgery may be necessary to open up the blocked drainage channel or to create an artificial channel for the fluid to drain out of the eye.
The prevalence rates of cataracts, senile macular degeneration and chornic simple glaucoma (CSG) are 46.