primary color

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pri·mar·y col·or

the three colors of the retinal cone pigments (red, green, blue) that may be combined to match any hue.
Synonym(s): simple color

primary color

Any of the three colors of light—red, green, and violet—that can be mixed to produce all the colors perceived by the human eye. Pigments that can be so mixed are red, yellow, and blue.
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The Speedking(TM) system delivers fast, simple color changes and an automatic cleaning system, which dramatically reduce downtime and associated costs.
The Digital Swatchbook Tethered spectrophotometer is a simple color management tool that works in conjunction with desktop computers.
The simple color illustrations of the unfolding breakfastastrophe is sure to provoke a smile and a chuckle to parents and children alike.
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These tests all use patented technology to indicate the presence of abused substances by using a simple color change without instrumentation, providing qualitative results in less than ten minutes," he said.
Simple color illustrations help bring the true tales, tragedies, and stories of heroism to life.
Temptu Marketing manufactures three basic sets of FDA-approved tattoos ranging from simple color transfers to using your own creativity and painting in your own tattoo.
Simple color illustrations enhance I See the Sun in Afghanistan, an exceptional and humanizing work worthy of the highest recommendation for school and public library collections.
All styles offer a GORE-TEX fabric shell and are lined with Thinsulate Insulation in a clean, simple color palette of Deep Black, Dark Ink and Burnt Sand.
Simple color illustrations add a cheerful touch to this heartwarming story.
ConfigMaker enables the user to monitor router and network configuration status at a glance with simple color codes.

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