primary color

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pri·mar·y col·or

the three colors of the retinal cone pigments (red, green, blue) that may be combined to match any hue.
Synonym(s): simple color

primary color

Any of the three colors of light—red, green, and violet—that can be mixed to produce all the colors perceived by the human eye. Pigments that can be so mixed are red, yellow, and blue.
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Simple color illustrations grace this excellent teaching and preparation tool, ideal for Sunday School libraries.
These kits provide immediate and simple color changes in the presence of certain levels of proteins clinically proven to be associated with early-onset of oral cancer - typically before a lesion is visually detected.
The uniqueness of this program is that there are multiple formats to encode the message using the ColorbetTM from the simple Color ChatTM, Duble ChatTM, and Tripl ChatTM.
The Tritium Multipacker's operator interface uses simple color touch-screen technology.
Whether it is rich textures, priceless artifacts, a European touch, or a simple color, all state their purpose and their meaning.
The clinician's side contains the TRT counseling information to be conveyed, while the patient side features simple color illustrations and short phrases designed to facilitate its retention.
Photographs show a woman demonstrating each number's handsign, while the opposite page features a simple color illustration of a mnemonic for the number.
Sameshima's usually monochromatic tinting isn't capricious: His sources' simple color separation and newspaper-like stock kept most of the "adults only" material affordable to both budget queens and horny, questioning teens.
In the June 4 Journal of the American Chemical Society, Lu and Juewen Liu, also of the University of Illinois, describe a reliable sensor that uses a simple color change to indicate the amount of lead in paint.
Featuring bright, simple color illustrations, I Forgive You: Love We Can Hear, Ask For, and Give is a poetic picturebook designed to teach young children about the Christian virtue of forgiveness.
The amusing, simple color illustrations bring a heartwarming story about learning to overcome midnight terrors to life.

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