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, simillimum (si-mil'i-mŭm),
In homeopathy, the remedy indicated in a certain case because the same drug, when given to a healthy person, will produce the symptom complex most nearly approaching that of the disease in question.
[L. simillimus, most like, superl. of similis, like]
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I was close but never found the simillimum for Joe at that time.
simillimum) and three cestodes (Hydatigera taeniaeformis, Tetratirotaenia polyacantha, Echinococcus multilocularis).
He thus latches onto a conceit similar (but not identical) to Seneca's formulation, funus simillimum triumpho: (19)
The simillimum provides the stimulus for a process that begins to unfold in an organic way.
Romanus vel Romani stili peritus, For he, or any ancient Roman, or ut iurisconsultor praecipue, vel any man learned in the Roman quisquis ille phantasticus literary style, as a jurisconsult Tullianis lectionibus assuetus, in particular would be--or whoever simillimum orationis genus that fantasist, immersed in effingere.
Thus, with many provers a medicine can acquire a wide spectrum of symptoms, even of contrary ones, and during a cure only the simillimum signal is selected for action by a living organism.
(4) A physician practicing classical homeopathy will prescribe a single homeopathic drug, often termed a constitutional or the "simillimum," based on the totality of the patient's symptoms and according to standard homeopathic principles.
I used various types of cutting edge psychotherapy in my practice for many years and I can share, unquestionably, that one could never achieve the same results without the correctly selected simillimum (one correct homeopathic remedy for each individual).
He argues that proving data is often unreliable-it only constitutes a part of what goes into understanding a materia medica remedy profile and thus a simillimum. The way Medhurst has tackled this problem has been to create an index of concordance.
Rhizocarpon simillimum (Anzi) Lettau.--Al: Egea & Llimona (1981a); Ca: Rowe & Egea (1987b), Rowe et al.