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, simillimum (si-mil'i-mŭm),
In homeopathy, the remedy indicated in a certain case because the same drug, when given to a healthy person, will produce the symptom complex most nearly approaching that of the disease in question.
[L. simillimus, most like, superl. of similis, like]

similia similibus curantur

(sĭ-mĭl′ē-ă sĭ-mĭl′ĭ-bŭs kū-răn′tūr) [L., likes are cured by likes]
The homeopathic doctrine that a drug producing pathological symptoms in those who are well will cure such symptoms in persons with disease.
similimum, adjective
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But where the homoeopathic similimum is difficult to find, or where the prescriber feels ill-equipped to pursue it, a number of authors have made some useful recommendations about general and specific remedies that may provide symptomatic relief from allergies(1-7).