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see law of similars.

Patient discussion about similars

Q. What other illnesses are similar to asthma? I am 45 years old. My doctor suspects I might have adult asthma but there has yet been a final diagnosis made. What other problems might this be?

A. Before diagnosing someone as asthmatic, alternative possibilities should be considered. A clinician taking a history should check whether the patient is using any known bronchoconstrictors (substances that cause narrowing of the airways, e.g., certain anti-inflammatory agents or beta-blockers). Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which closely resembles asthma, is correlated with more exposure to cigarette smoke, an older patient, and decreased likelihood of family history of atopy. Your physician should examine these possibilities as well before diagnosing.

Q. What are the other conditions with the symptoms similar to fibromyalgia?

A. Other conditions with similar symptoms include polymyalgia rheumatica, myofascial pain syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, hypothyroidism, lupus, sarcoidosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Q. Does anyone have similar experience or advice for me please? Hi everyone, I am new to this site, and am desperate for some advice to suit my situation. I was tested positive on December 14th. I started bleeding moderately on December 19th for 5 days. I went for a sonogram on 29 th and the tech saw absolutely nothing. She doubted my pregnancy and she found a cyst on one ovary, no gestational sac. Does anyone have similar experience or advice for me please? Can anyone offer some insight? I am yet to meet my doctor with reports.

A. I am sorry… had a sac on ovary, which may be an ectopic pregnancy. I am sorry to say you may even have to lose this pregnancy. But if they find something else then it may be possible that you may have to undergo a minor surgery now as you told of no gestational sacks which again reminds of ectopic. Please be calm, till you meet your doctor and have the full view, this is just my understanding as my friend faced similar situation and we read a lot about ectopic.

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References in classic literature ?
If we are wise enough to preserve the Union we may for ages enjoy an advantage similar to that of an insulated situation.
Behind this first charging demon trailed nineteen others, similar in all respects, but, as I learned later, bearing individual characteristics peculiar to themselves; precisely as no two of us are identical although we are all cast in a similar mold.
For there is no common term we could apply to the mimes of Sophron and Xenarchus and the Socratic dialogues on the one hand; and, on the other, to poetic imitations in iambic, elegiac, or any similar metre.
Institutions of a somewhat similar character, called "artel," exist in Russia to-day, cf.
Another halt and sojourn of a night was made at the village of a chief named He-mim-el-pilp, where similar ceremonies were observed and hospitality experienced, as at the preceding villages.
The favorite ornaments of the men were collars of bears' claws, the proud trophies of hunting exploits; while the women and children wore similar decorations of elks' tusks.
The whole bog might be filled up with similar matter.
Allen had no similar information to give, no similar triumphs to press on the unwilling and unbelieving ear of her friend, and was forced to sit and appear to listen to all these maternal effusions, consoling herself, however, with the discovery, which her keen eye soon made, that the lace on Mrs.
As you know I have long possessed the power to cross the void in spirit, but never before have I been able to impart to inanimate things a similar power.
Mercury presented himself, and striking the Philosopher with his wand, said, "And are you indeed to make yourself a judge of the dealings of Providence, who hast thyself in a similar manner treated these poor Ants?
In this sense the Boeotian poetry may be taken to have its germ in maxims similar to our English
As members of distinct classes have often been adapted by successive slight modifications to live under nearly similar circumstances,--to inhabit for instance the three elements of land, air, and water,--we can perhaps understand how it is that a numerical parallelism has sometimes been observed between the sub-groups in distinct classes.