simian line

simian crease

A dermatoglyphic pattern of a single deep transpalmar crease formed by fusion of proximal and distal palmar creases, which is classically seen in trisomy 21, but also in trisomies 13 and 9, and in foetal trimethadione syndrome. So called because of its verisimilitude to the same crease in monkeys.
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"This is the most interesting royal palm thanks to a very unusual feature on the right hand, known as a Simian Line," she said.
The qualitative study included fingerprint patterns (arches, radial loops, ulnar loops and whorls) and palmar patterns (Simian line and Sydney line).
He had down-slanting palpebral fissures, hypertelorism, broad nasal bridge, microphthalmia, low-set ears, macrocephaly, gingival hypertrophia, simian line in both hands, pectus excavatum, sacral dimple, and foot deformity (spontaneous plantar flexion of the fourth metatars).
Keena's film credits include Crime And Punishment In Suburbia, The Simian Line and The Devil's Advocate.
The Simian line across the palm, so called because it's prominent in monkeys, but which few people have, may be an indicator of a low IQ.
Indeed, Crawford was in excellent company in Simian Line acting with Academy Award winner William Hurt, Lynn Redgrave, Eric Stoltz, Harry Connick, Jr and Tyne Daly.
She refers to the reviews of her first film, Fair Game, as "brutal" but has higher hopes for her latest venture - a smaller part in an independent film called Simian Line, which stars Lynn Redgrave and William Hurt.
Arnita Tyne Daly Edward William Hurt Jimmy Jeremy Zelig Sam Eric Stoltz Shot in 12 blustery days in New Jersey, "The Simian Line" is an uneven, at times absorbing portrait of four couples struggling to define their relationships.
"Meghan's right palm has a very rare feature which is a simian line. This is where the heart and headlines combine in a single line and it's only found on around 1 percent of people," he said.
The Simian Line Five, 3.30pm FOUR couples settle down to enjoy a dinner party, only for their civilised meal to take a strange turn when a dotty psychic senses the presence of two ghostly guests.
The supermodel is co-starring in the romantic movie The Simian Line which is directed by Linda Yellen.
Johnny Fincham, a palm reading expert, read the simian line in Markle's hands.
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