silver stain

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sil·ver stain

any of a variety of stains (for example, Bielschowsky, Gomori silver, impregnation stains) that employ alkaline silver nitrate solutions to stain connective tissue fibers (reticulin, collagen), calcium salt deposits, spirochetes, neurologic tissue, and nucleolar organizer regions.
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A metallic silver-based stain which is used to highlight basement membranes, and is of greatest use in glomerulonephritides, many of which have thickening or other glomerular basement membrane changes
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For storage purpose silver stained gel can be immersed in 10% acetic acid solution for a long period of time.
We characterized and quantified the calibrators of the 3 assays using silver stain to better understand the large differences in absolute values observed in previous studies.
These structures are difficult to identify using a hematoxylin-eosin stain and are best visualized with silver stains or immunohistochemistry for tau protein.
Silver stained NORs were counted two different times by a single observer at a magnification of 100X oil immersion lens.
Silver stain shows double contours, reflecting mesangial cell interposition with the production of extraneous GBM-like material, referred to as tram-tracking, splitting, or duplication of the GBM in both types-I and -II MPGN.
The SGPs do not take up intense CBB stain but all proteins and SGPs can be visualized by Silver stain. The SGPs were numbered from PAS-I to PAS-X (according to the number of SGPs) in the order of their decreasing molecular weight.
The system is compatible with ethidium bromide, SYBR green, coomassie, silver stain and more.
Sections were immunostained with modified Bielschowsky silver stain and a commercially available monoclonal human amyloid-[beta] antibody for the detection of amyloid-[beta] in cerebral vessels.
The first electrophoresis method we evaluated used Titan Gel Silver Stain reagents (Helena) and anti-transferrin immunofixation.
[6,7] This typical histologic appearance is referred to as the Splendore-Hoeppli phenomenon and can be seen using gram stain, Giemsa stain, PAS stain or silver stain. [7,3]