amalgam restoration

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a·mal·gam res·to·ra·tion

(ă-malgăm restŏr-āshŭn)
A dental restoration made of an alloy of an element or metal with mercury.
See: amalgam, restoration
Synonym(s): silver filling.
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Devaluing Professional hygienist dental hygienist cleaning prophylaxis checkup examination filling restoration tooth-colored filling composite restoration silver filling amalgam restoration the girl up front office manager, dental receptionist, etc.
Pakeeza Haider said that instead of Silver filling a new kind of filling naming 'Cermet' is being used for refilling in dental department.
head full of halogen, flash bums of silver filling every jaw cavity.
The hole would be filled with a silver filling (NHS) or a white filling (Private).
Amalgam is the name dentists give the silver filling material used to reconstruct damaged teeth.
Chew on this: The silver filling used by dentists to plug cavities, or holes, in teeth is actually made of silver dissolved in the mystery element.
On average, the cost for placing one dental sealant is less than half the cost of one silver filling.
However, there are limitations, in that you cannot remove an old silver filling because it sparks.
Experts confirmed it was a silver filling - which is potentially toxic and must not be swallowed.
White fillings are subtler than your traditional silver fillings, and help those who are more conscious of showing their teeth off when smiling.
15 Band Material With Clampes for cl 2 Silver fillings 15
If you have old silver fillings, check with your dentist to make sure none are cracked or breaking down.