silver cell

sil·ver cell

one of a number of cells seen in plaques of multiple sclerosis, having round or oval nuclei, the body of the cell containing many yellow or light brown particles; the cells are characteristic of multiple sclerosis, but are found in other conditions, including syphilis.
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A surge of techno-rock escaped from the small, silver cell phone on a table in the Grafton Community Television Studio.
Handfuls of keys and a tiny silver cell phone that hums and vibrates constantly.
Assistant Editor Sara Rimensnyder spoke to Hine in January (via a brand new, pocketsized, Alpine silver cell phone).
Even Ludo would be more of a test for the little silver cells than rock, paper scissors, or perhaps Berti the robot could be challenged to solve the problem of slow drop-off queues at Bank Quay Station.
Also in the Market Place - and almost a year old - is Silver Cells, which specialises in silver jewellery, costume jewellery, bags and belts to suite all budgets.
At the Silver Cells building, Bedlington, a restriction notice was put in place after it emerged work was being carried out while the premises was still occupied.