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Relating to silica or silicon.
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In the second step stochiometric ratio of AcMe, Silicic Acid and N, N' Dimethylthiourea (3:3:1) in ethanol, and subjected to condensation for about 9.30 h at 70[degrees]C resulting a clear mixture indicates the complete mixing.
Geochemical stability of fine-grained silicic Holocene tephra in Iceland and Scotland.
Orthogonal and rhomboidal fractures delineate domical bornhardts shaped in the 1592 million years old Mesoproterozoic dacite and other silicic volcanic rocks.
Duan J, Gregory J (1998) The influence of silicic acid on aluminium hydroxide precipitation and flocculation by aluminium salts.
Late Cenozoic silicic ash fall tephra are well documented across the Great Plains.
OATS supply a mineral called silicic acid hich is required to create spongy cells that sit between collagen and elastin.
The north-central part of the study area is composed of silicic volcanic rocks at the surface (McKee, 1972, fig.
The tooth gel is fluoride-free, with silicic acid and sea salt, pounds 3.75, and the Neutral sun screen, pounds 12.95, includes nature's anti-irritant - liquorice.
The loss of two molecules of water from silicic acid results in the formation of silicic anhydride, more commonly known as silica or silicon dioxide Si[O.sub.2].
* washing with ammonia to disrupt polymers of silicic acid;
2004) and contains both mafic and silicic rocks, petrographically and geochemically analogous to the typical members of the Fennoscandian rapakivi-anorthositic suite (Ramo et al.
"Unlike the degradation products from polymers like lactides and glycolides, silicic acid, the product from BioSilicon, is a very mild acid expected to cause less irritation."