silica granuloma

sil·i·ca gran·u·lo·ma

eruption of granulomatous lesions due to traumatic inoculation of the skin with sand, or materials that contain silica; this condition may follow dermabrasion using sandpaper technique.
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Excision biopsy and HPE showed pictures of a suture granuloma, silica granuloma, ruptured sebaceous cyst and gouty tophi with granulomatous reaction (Fig.
A careful evaluation of the radio density and the deviation of the normal anatomic structure of the hard palate on the right side were evaluated to locate the foreign body however an IOPA of the lip would have been more informative and evaluative, hannon et al reported a silica granuloma of the lip (5) odell et al reported a foreign body giant cell reaction elicited by a haemostatic alginate, (6) owens et al published a study showing oral amalgam tattoos accounted for almost 1% of approximately 19000 pathology reports on file, (7) Ding et al reported foreign body granuloma in the sub mental region due to fish bone.
Two main possibilities exist regarding systemic effects of dental porcelains a) leaching of siliceous material with formation of colloidal silica and a silica granuloma at a distant site, and b) leaching of fluorescing agents, rare-earth pigments, opacifiers, and other ingredients, with possible adverse systemic effects.