silica gel

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sil·i·ca gel

a precipitated form of silicic acid, used for adsorption of various gases.

silica gel

a coagulated form of hydrated silica, used as an absorbent of gases and as a dehydrating agent.


silicon dioxide, a compound occurring naturally as quartz and in other forms. A common constituent of urinary calculi in agricultural animals, a rare occurrence in dogs.

silica calculi
see silica urolith.
silica gel
commonly used in the laboratory as a desiccant; has been used topically on dogs and cats for flea control.
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The ethyl acetate soluble fraction (55 g) was subjected to column chromatography over silica gel eluting with n-hexane, n-hexane-CHCl3, CHCl3 and CHCl3-CH3OH in increasing order of polarity to get ten fractions (A-J).
Pre-trials with silica gel demonstrated the importance of high pH for efficient silica gel dissolution (lh, 85[degrees]C, SSR 1 MOO, Georgiadis 2011; no.
37 g) was rechromatographed on a silica gel column using hexane-ethyl acetate (3:2) to furnish an impure crystalline solid ([congruente con] 0.
All of the bio-active compounds were still absorbing inside the silica gel and the TLC analysis revealed none of the bio-active markers detected.
It is interesting to prepare a new type of organic-inorganic anion exchange composite fibers (AECFs) based on PAN and silica gel by an ecofriendly route.
Kits: The $20 Dry-All Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit basically does the same thing as the rice and the silica gel packs, but using the company's proprietary drying beads and an absorption chamber might make you feel more confident than rice will.
Demand growth for silica gel will be limited by market maturity in applications such as food and beverages and cat litter, restraining growth overall.
Metallurgical Results Encouraging: Silica Gel Removal to Expand DSO Bauxite Resources
Adsorption (also called "solid sorption") refrigeration systems use solid sorption material such as silica gel and zeolite to produce cooling effect.
Store cleaned seed in screw-top, airtight jars in a dark room with a steady temperature, dropping in a sachet of silica gel crystals to soak up any moisture.
Dehumidifier rods, silica gel and a hygrometer are offered to control temperature.
Herein we report the synthesis of silica gel precursors containing covalently bound lead thiolate precursors and the subsequent formation of [PbS/[SiO.