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silex (sī´leks) (silicon dioxide),

n a substance used in dental surface polishing due to its abrasive characteristics.
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In this version by lartet, which was mostly an attempt to establish himself professionally in the emerging new discipline, he was describing the silex that he himself had previously published with Verneuil in the Societe Geologique de France.
Hence the Silex was last in a line of book publications that positioned Montoya as a prolific writer and intellectual, a rare position in the tumultuous colonial period that was plagued with unreliable conditions and limited access to printing materials.
En condiciones normales, los datos de LCE deben estar disponibles en linea para su acceso de cualquier parte del pais a traves del SILEX al dia siguiente de que el personal medico haya llenado los formularios.
Silex unveiled its Internet-based silencer sizing and selection program, which is available through the company's secure website, three years ago.
The SILEX technology is the world's first third-generation process for enriching uranium used as fuel in commercial nuclear reactors.
The SX-2000U2 is available immediately through all silex resellers nationwide.
silex technology would acquire 1,050,000 shares at a share price of SEK7.
Coded" means, too, following the lead of Lois Potter and others and recovering, at times with Empsonian resourcefulness, the complex structure of biblical tropes or persons that resonate strongly with Vaughan's perceived circumstances--the figure of the patriarchal Jacob, for instance, or "Jacobs Bed" as shorthand for the true church recalled by Vaughan in "Regeneration," or of Hezekiah and the subject of sickness and giving thanks in Silex.
The Silex system consists of the European Space Agency's Opale terminal on the Artemis satellite, which operates at an altitude of 19,270 miles, and the Pastel terminal on the French Space Agency's Spot 4 satellite, which orbits 517 miles above the Earth's surface.
In Switzerland, CMS considerably increased the yield of Corso in all treatment combinations (Table 1), while the effect on Silex was rather small.
NACCO decided to move Proctor Silex to Mexico this spring; Proctor itself had just been merged with Hamilton Beach Products, which NACCO acquired last year.