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Any of a group of highly reactive hydrocarbons containing tetravalent silicon instead of carbon.
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20) reported that addition of cerium-activated nanoparticles improved the corrosion protection performances of modified silane films, inducing a corrosion inhibition ability.
In 2012, Pingmei Shenma Group and Shanghai Jiao Tong University and other units to set up Henan Silane Technology Development Co.
Gelest offers SIVATE E610 Enhanced amine silane for use as an adhesive primer for metallic and siliceous substrates, coupling agent for thermoset and thermoplastic composites, corrosion inhibiting primer for paints and coatings on ferrous and non-ferrous substrates, and functionalization of Micro-Particles for use in adhesives and sealants.
Sea Lion is a contract chemical manufacturer that has worked with Momentive to produce silane products, including NXT silane, for more than ten years.
Walia et al improved flexible polyurethane foams by adding hydrolysable silanes to the foam formulation.
Three experimental groups resulted from the various surface treatment combinations, which included, no silane application (NS) (controls), silane application (S) and silane heat treatment (HS) (100C for 5 minutesutes).
Rising demand for green tire, growing automobile sales, rising water-based coating formulation, and increasing focus on fuel efficiency and regulation compliance are the prime factors driving the growth of the silanes market"
The composition of the neat TPU, PP, untreated and silane treated talc filled samples are summarized in Table 1.
Keywords Silane film, EIS, Silane film, Corrosion protection, Water concentration jump
Silencure Penetrating Silane/Siloxane Fortified Cure and Seal products are intended to improve crew efficiency because they can be applied in a one-step process to fresh concrete within two hours of final finish--eliminating the need for water or resin curing, stripping and the traditional 30-day waiting period prior to silane or siloxane treatment.
Through a Taguchi design of experiment, the impacts of influencing parameters such as silane coupling agent to silica ratio, hydrolysis ratio as well as treating bath pH were investigated.