sikor (sēˑ·kōr),

n a traditional preparation from Asia; relieves indigestion and acts as a tonic during pregnancy. The preparation contains concentrations of lead and arsenic and mercury, cadmium, and other potentially risky metals.
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Yet the tablets, known as Sikor, could cause miscarriage and stillbirths, along with cancer, kidney and brain damage, Birmingham Magistrates Court heard in November last year.
To accomplish this, Riau sponsored an irau (feast) and killed a domesticated deer (aya' payo) and several pigs to feed the workers who came and stayed for several days from his longhouse of Reked Kinangan and from the nearby Ionghouses of Pa' Nado, Liang Tuer, Pa' Sikor, Pa' Rupai, Buduk Tumuh, and Long Api.
For instance, in Hessonian dialects Schrrriere stehen 'to keep a lookout' comes from Hebrew smira 'guard'; schackern 'to flirt' comes from Hebrew sikor 'drunken'; and Ganove 'thief' comes from Hebrew ganav, with the same meaning, spread beyond local dialects and even into standard spoken German.
Researchers bought samples of clay - known as sikor - from eight ethnic shops around the country, including in Leicester, Birmingham and Luton.
Nine essays, presented by Sikor (development studies, U.
Professor Karol Sikor a said the next generation of drugs would keep people alive for longer but they were so expensive they could swallow half of the current NHS budget within four years.
36 million and the remaining 49 per cent interest of the Sikor Group in GKN Driveshafts (Thailand) for pounds 750,000.
The news came after a director and his company were fined a total of PS14,000 in November last year for selling Sikor to shops in Aston, Handsworth and Small Heath.
The locality (lokasi) of Long Midang is made up of five distinct desa (villages); Pa' Nado, Buduk Kinangan, Liang Tuer, Pa' Sikor and Pa' Rupai.
In Thailand, GKN acquired the remaining 49 per cent equity interest of the Sikor Group in GKN Driveshafts (Thailand) for pounds 750,000, which makes similar products to the Korean business.
The illegal pills, called Sikor, were sold under-the-counter for PS5 a bag at Sheikh Uddin's Sonali Supermarket in Coventry Road, Small Heath.
Oth the te disco wom for in The Sikor biele bottle of milk and a piece of ic found in a bag of crisps.