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 (ss.) [se´mis] (L.)


 [sig´nah] (L.)
mark or write; abbreviated S. or sig. in prescriptions, followed by the signature.


[L.] sig (mark).


[L.] se (half); sinis (left).


1. saint
2. sea
3. Medicine signature
a. signor
b. signore
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In 2009, Signore also did freelance work for IGN, became a writer and producer for Current TV and was hired by Disney's Internet Media Group, to become the lead producer of the Original Content Development team for Disney's official website.
Before Avaya, Signore served as VP of Asia-Pacific Sales and Worldwide Sales Operations for optical communications component supplier JDSU.
Speeds from the fastest car to the slowest generally vary by no more than one-tenth second, Signore said.
The success rate with trucks originally equipped with diesel engines is particularly encouraging, points out Signore.
The government today is taking the time to look at situations, rather than products," said Signore.
In his response, Signore said: "I am so damn sick of bully @realDonaldTrump taking words out of context to act out his agenda of fear, corruption & bigotry.
Star performance Amy Weaver, who travelled 360 miles and landed a gamble with Signore Momento Happy return Balwearie scored on his first run back at Ayr since breaking his jaw when slipping up last July Which well-backed Jim Goldie runner shaped better than the bare form?
Tim is, for a lack of a better term, a freak of nature," Signore said.
For original, see Machiavelli, 1993, 208: "Ammazzarono, alcuni congiurati Forlivesi, il conte Girolamo loro signore, presono la moglie ed i suoi figliuoli che erano piccoli, e non parendo loro potere vivere sicuri se non si insignorivano della fortezza e non volendo il castellano dana loro, Madonna Caterina (che cosi si chiamava la contessa) promise ai congiurati, che se la lasciavano entrare in quella, di farla consegnare loro, e che ritenessono a presso di loro i suoi figliuoli per istatichi.
Later it was revealed Everton have an pounds 8million bid in for Lazio's free- scoring Bepe Signore (above).
Italy have ignored superstars Roberto Baggio, Giuseppe Signore and Gianluca Vialli in their 22-man squad for Euro '96.