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 (ss.) [se´mis] (L.)


 [sig´nah] (L.)
mark or write; abbreviated S. or sig. in prescriptions, followed by the signature.


[L.] sig (mark).


[L.] se (half); sinis (left).


1. saint
2. sea
3. Medicine signature
a. signor
b. signore
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He is still 10lb higher than for that success off a mark of 79, but the runner-up Piazon is now rated 88 and thirdplaced One Boy has a mark of 80, so Signore Piccolo is still potentially well treated.
The physical frailty due to sarcopenia is a typical geriatric condition," Susanna Del Signore , Ass.
Difetti sembrano anche una certa gravitas e un'ombra di uggia, che nasce in parte dall'estrazione ecclesiastica dell'autore e per giunta in clima controriformista: il cortigiano di Gilio non tocca i temi dell'amore, in cui la sprezzatura diventa cautela, il segreto non e accompagnato dall'orgoglio di condividerlo con il signore, ma dal timore di poter fare un errore nel rivelarlo, cio che gli costerebbe il lavoro.
Speeds from the fastest car to the slowest generally vary by no more than one-tenth second, Signore said.
We're fortunate to have enjoyed sustained growth for several years running," Signore said.
The Great Lie by Myrrha Stanford-Smith 'You became entranced, signore.
Star performance Amy Weaver, who travelled 360 miles and landed a gamble with Signore Momento Happy return Balwearie scored on his first run back at Ayr since breaking his jaw when slipping up last July Which well-backed Jim Goldie runner shaped better than the bare form?
CONTACT: Jay Signore of Luczo-Dragon Racing, +1-732-542-4762
Sbigottiti pertanto i congiurati, veggendo come dal papa non erano suvvenuti e sentendo come il signore Lodovico zio alla contessa mandava gente in suo aiuto, tolte delle sustanzie loro quello poterono portare, se n'andarono a Citta di Castello.
The specimen's gut is relatively short but wide, indicating that it may have absorbed nutrients quickly, in a manner similar to that of birds, Signore told Science News.
Later it was revealed Everton have an pounds 8million bid in for Lazio's free- scoring Bepe Signore (above).
We're seeing in our clients' marketing and public relations programs that pictures, video and infographics are crucial to better engagement; and the results of this survey certainly underscore that point," said Scott Signore, CEO of Matter Communications.