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 (ss.) [se´mis] (L.)


 [sig´nah] (L.)
mark or write; abbreviated S. or sig. in prescriptions, followed by the signature.


[L.] sig (mark).


[L.] se (half); sinis (left).


1. saint
2. sea
3. Medicine signature
a. signor
b. signore
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Among the issues that have most recently engaged the attention of solar observers is the structure that Signor Nasmyth has called the "willow-leaf" shape.
If we just substitute 'ball', 'kick' and 'goal' for those three, it would add a whole new level to the technical advice Signor Capello could offer his team:
Signor Peltro would have finished closer to Damika in the Great St Wilfrid at Ripon but for being forced to switch from behind a wall of horses.
Signor Sassi's owner, Carlo Di Stefano, 65, said: "This is a really exciting opportunity, particularly in the current economic climate.
Carlo Di Stefano, owner of the award winning San Carlo Group which also has restaurants in Manchester, Bristol, Leicester and London following the acquisition of Signor Sassi in fashionable Knightsbridge Green - said: "This is a really exciting opportunity - particularly in the current economic climate.
Signor Peltro looks a solid bet to land the Skybet Supporting The Yorkshire Racing Festival Handicap (4.
In the state individual tournament, Harrington and Leonard knocked off Avery Forgey and Stephanie Rydell of Lee in the semifinals, before losing to Winchester's Melissa Lin and Leslie Signor in the final.
As Pete finished eating his banana, he listened to Signor Bozzi call out, "A-na-na.
So, here is an "eye witness report" of the teaching of Signor Manuel Garcia.
In this new edition Signor Pertot has revised the text, simplified the references and added a new chapter to bring the story up to date.