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communication between individuals, especially the deaf, using a system of signs made with the hands and fingers. Called also dactylology.


/sign·ing/ (sīn´ing) dactylology; use of a system of hand movements for communication.


The use of sign language to communicate.

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Q. What Are The Signs of Dehydration? How can you tell if someone is dehydrated? Are there specific signs or symptoms that may help notice?

A. 2 that I really notice when I am.... When you first stand up you feel dizzy, yet when you lay down you feel fine. My eyes sink back into their sockets.

Q. What Are the Signs of Depression? I have a friend who's been very sad lately and I think she is suffering from serious depression. What are signs of depression?

A. Signs of depression are varied. usually someone who is depressed becomes withdrawn and does not want to mix with friends or go places.
They can be aggressive, angry, suffer from a persecution complex, have difficulty sleeping, binge eat and be prone to crying very easily.

Q. how do know the signs of a parcel sholder septeration i can not raise the left sholder ove my head just part way with out being in pain

A. i'm not sure what is parcel shoulder ( partial maybe..?), but if you are looking for an answer to the pain in your shoulder, here is a diagram that will lead you through several possibilities to the pain:

good luck and keep us informed!!:)

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Companies can now easily deploy digital signing because their users will already have the Arcot signing solution embedded in every copy of Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader," stated Ram Varadarajan, President and CEO of Arcot Systems.
The enhancements DocuSign has made it its interface ensure that all our clients can take advantage of the speed, security and convenience of online signing.
Since its inception, DocuSign has continually made improvements in its user interface to make the online signing experience as simple as point and click while maintaining state-of-the-art security behind the scenes.
We saw an opportunity with DocuSign to make online signing as easy and intuitive as lifting a pen, while dramatically improving speed, convenience and security," said Tom Gonser, DocuSign founder and vice-president of product strategy.
Custom Data Collection Tabs -- In addition to requiring signatures or initials, document senders can now define custom data tabs to collect information from signers such as address or bank routing number at the point of signing.
Code signing certificates are extremely important as they are used by businesses and consumers to verify which company supplied the software, giving Internet users confidence in the identity of the source of the software," said Brian O'Higgins, executive vice president and CTO, Entrust Technologies Inc.
This signature remains valid only while the document contents at the time of signing remain intact, and cannot be copied into other documents.
Aside from being unique to a person and verifiable as belonging to a specific user, electronic signing must also permanently attach the e-signature to data in such a way that it authenticates both the attachment of the signature and the integrity of the data transmitted.
This demonstrates that there is significant consumer interest in electronic signing and that the need for electronic signing tools is real.
Nasdaq: ENTU), a global leader in solutions that bring trust to e-business, showcased its industry-leading digital signature technology today in Tokyo by digitally signing an agreement with Secom Co.
We hope that this demonstration will ensure company executives that signing online transactions and conducting online business can be safe, secure and legal.
To ensure the integrity of a document after the time of signing, the Sign-it product includes a document analyzer module.