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sig·net ring

the early stage of trophozoite development of the malaria parasite in the red blood cell; the parasite cytoplasm stains blue around its circular margin, and the nucleus stains red in Romanowsky stains, whereas the central vacuole is clear, giving the anular appearance.
A term of art referring to a morphology which by microscopy or an imaging modality has an appearance not unlike that of a signet ring
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Whether this takes the form of very noticeable statement emerald-cut earrings - now for so many men so fashionable to wear as an unapologetic pair - or a discreet sparkle-flash on an oval signet ring, diamonds are the premier choice, spelling a tangible masculinity.
For the first stage, the Minister will insert a signet ring into a slot on the laptop.
Signet rings and fobs worn from watch chains were both originally used for the same purpose: impressing one's personal seal on wax when sealing letters.
Sotheby's suave chappies, wearing pin-striped suits and signet rings (including that tall fella with the moustache, bow tie and Terry-Thomas teeth from the TV Antiques Road show) had come to see what we'd unearthed from aunty's attic.
They then pulled off the gold neck chains and six sovereign and signet rings that Mr Black, 63, was wearing.
As reported last month in the Echo, the con-men have been selling men's signet rings and chunky chains engraved with fake hallmarks to unsuspecting members of the public in Cardiff.
A small disc of dried paste was also used as a sealant, which is called a wafer, and then seals were mounted on cylinders, called cylinder seals, before being incorporated into signet rings or mounted on shanks approximately 12ins (35cm) long.
Men's signet rings and chunky chains engraved with fake hallmarks are being touted around the streets of Cardiff, Caerphilly and Tredegar for as little as pounds 20 each.