signet ring

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sig·net ring

the early stage of trophozoite development of the malaria parasite in the red blood cell; the parasite cytoplasm stains blue around its circular margin, and the nucleus stains red in Romanowsky stains, whereas the central vacuole is clear, giving the anular appearance.
A term of art referring to a morphology which by microscopy or an imaging modality has an appearance not unlike that of a signet ring
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Follow-up endocervical curettage showed a small focus of signet ring cells of uncertain origin.
Signet ring cells are characterized by a cytoplasmic vacuole or inclusion that pushes a crescent-shaped nucleus to the cytoplasmic periphery.
Earlier it was revealed in court that Diana kept a signet ring belonging to James Hewitt in a locked box in her sitting room.
Piers received family furniture and jewellery, including a gold signet ring.
Among these were his gold signet ring and the snake-ring he was wearing, given to him by Jimmy Wilde of Tylorstown (a legend in the sporting world) whom Les had met in the boxing ring and had acquitted himself so well.
Items stolen include a diamond solitaire engagement ring with a yellow gold band, a yellow gold eternity ring with five diamonds across half of the band, a plain yellow gold court style wedding ring, a man''s signet ring with a crest of part of an arm holding a spear, a pink garnet ring surrounded by diamonds in a diamond shape on a yellow gold band, a distinctive diamond snowflake shape necklace on a silver and platinum chain and a yellow gold pendant with concentric circles with diamonds dotted inside.
It was something the couple discussed but Prince William isn't one for jewellery - he doesn't even wear a signet ring - and decided he didn't want to.
They were told about the lost signet ring and sifted through heaps of plastic to find it - much to Colin's delight.
For a budget smashing pounds 1,295, this 18 carat gold signet ring costs is available from the exclusive Mailbox store.
Carys Williams was given the signet ring by her parents on her 16th birthday.
John Uriasz, 88, misplaced the gold signet ring while doing a spot of gardening.
They attacked him and stole his mobile phone, gold chain, signet ring, watch and pounds 180.