signet ring

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sig·net ring

the early stage of trophozoite development of the malaria parasite in the red blood cell; the parasite cytoplasm stains blue around its circular margin, and the nucleus stains red in Romanowsky stains, whereas the central vacuole is clear, giving the anular appearance.
A term of art referring to a morphology which by microscopy or an imaging modality has an appearance not unlike that of a signet ring
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It is significant not to confuse this with normal polyps or primary colonic signet ring cell carcinoma.
YST may contain cells with clear cytoplasm, but the characteristic signet rings are never noted.
Prostatic carcinoma with signet ring cells: A clinicopathologic and immunohistochemical analysis of 12 cases, with review of the literature.
Proportion of young patients was highest for signet ring cell carcinoma followed by Mucinous and Adenocarcinoma, i.
The vacuolated signet ring areas showed some cytoplasmic clearing; however, these peculiar signet ring-like areas were primarily the result of accumulated flocculent extracellular matrix (histochemically acid mucosubstance).
Association with signet ring cell adenocarcinoma has previously been reported, a case of duodenal tumor in the background of celiac disease and another in the small bowel in a patient with Crohn's disease.
Biopsy results indicated signet ring cell carcinoma.
This edition has new and updated tables for immunochemistry, histologic appearance of viruses and fungi, and the optical properties of commonly seen noncellular material; the recommendations for American Joint Commission on Cancer classification and guidelines for the assessment of critical pathologic features; new tables for central nervous system tumors, lung carcinomas, fibroblastic/myofibroblastic lesions of the breast, signet ring cell carcinomas, metastatic carcinomas to the abdomen, and others; and evaluation of microsatellite instability in colon carcinomas.
But for the uninitiated, boy meets girl, marries her in secret, impregnates her, leaves her, forgets her and with a little help from a signet ring, remembers her.
He also uncovered a gold signet ring, probably from the early 17th century.