signed English

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signed Eng·lish

(sīnd ing'glish)
A system of communication that is a semantic representation of English in which American Sign Language signs are used in English word order and additional signs are used for inflection; used principally in the education of children younger than 6 years old.
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Another participant, whose immediate family members are all deaf or hard of hearing, reported that each member uses a variety of communication modes (PSE, ASL, signed English) and code switches as needed when communicating with each other.
Growing up, all the siblings spoke in sign, using "home signs" developed on their own, then later, using Signed English, which was acquired at St.
While working with them, I tried to use what is called Signed English in order to maintain the grammatical structure and syntax of spoken English.
Bangor have also signed English keeper Andrew Plummer from Ipswich Town reserves on a one-year contract and former Ards midfielder Aaron McKee.
The teacher wears a microphone and then her words appear on a student's laptop as text or as a string of individual Signed English video clips (VoiceAbility, n.d.).
This includes signed English, seeing essential English (designed to provide a morphological representation of standard English) and signing exact English (Lane, Hoffmeister and Bahan, 1996).
Modes and styles include American Sign Language (ASL), Signed English, Pidgin Sign English (PSE), Total Communication, and oral communication.
* Signed English is a system that uses signs to represent words or phrases in the English language.
I learned about the passionate divisions within the deaf community--pitched and heated differences of opinion over the merits of signed English versus American Sign Language (ASL) versus lip reading, and the tensions that separate the deaf community from the larger disabled community.
Holy Angel's deacon-in-preparation, David Rose, who does some of the readings at the signed English Mass, will be the archdiocese's first deaf person to go through the regular diaconate program.
One of the crucial and still unsolved sociolinguistic problems is the transfer from signed English to BSL (p.
ASL is quite different from signed English, which involves signing each English word as it is spoken, using English grammar and structure.