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The Logistic and Gompertz nonlinear regressionmodelswereused, in their simple and double sigmoid versions, because even if the information in the literature indicates a pattern of double sigmoid growth, it is necessary to verify if doubling the number of parameters of the model really attains a gain in the quality of fit, thus prevailing the parsimony principle.
In the other criteria presented (Table 1), in both models there is an improvement when comparing the fit of the double sigmoid models with respect to the simple sigmoid.
In this sense, the double sigmoid models are the most suitable to describe the growth curve of coffee berries.
Sigmoid has also agreed to explore opportunities to build on existing Freund Pharmatec and Sigmoid customer-funded drug delivery research projects and related licensing businesses, where applicable, said the company.
In the neuron population, the sigmoid type (2 bits), the tendency connection (16 bits), and 15 connections per neuron were codified.