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It controls shape, orientation and steepness of sigmoidal activation function (AF), and therefore needs to be included.
A further limitation of this research is that the value of the parameters in the sigmoidal equations underlying the brand equity model are somewhat ad hoc; even though they represent the authors' experience, more research is needed on the best specifications of these parameters values.
The trend in tensile strength was again fitted to a sigmoidal curve as a guide.
cotton residues (100 : 0), 70 : 30, and 50:50, were sigmoidal and were best described ([R.
The transfer function of hidden neurones was of tangent sigmoidal type, while the transfer function in the output layer was linear.
The activation function used in the BPN is the sigmoidal function.
The reader's task involves detection and discrimination of a signal, similar to that required in studies of auditory detection or visual discrimination, where data (appropriately scaled) often take sigmoidal form [3-4].
Para a determinacao do periodo anterior a interferencia (PAI) e do periodo total de prevencao a interferencia (PTPI), os dados de produtividade comercial foram analisados e processados separadamente dentro de cada grupo de tratamento e submetidos a analise de regressao pelo modelo sigmoidal de Boltzmann, considerando-se aceitavel 5% de perda de produtividade.
In the absence of added metal ions, melting curve data for the modified oligonucleotides and the salmon sperm DNA displayed characteristic sigmoidal behavior and transition temperatures in the range of 38.
Parathyroid chief cells are the most renowned calcium sensing cells in the body, as reflected by the crucial inverse sigmoidal relationship between PTH and [Ca.
Theoretical models predict that the diffusion of cultural traits will typically exhibit a sigmoidal ('S' shaped) pattern over time (Boyd & Richerson 1985; Cavalli-Sforza & Feldman 1981), while asocial learning has been expected to result in a linear, non-acceleratory, or at least non-sigmoidal increase in frequency (Lefebvre 1995).
outlined a sigmoidal shaped mineralised zone consisting of dense sheet-veining