sigmoid mesocolon

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the peritoneal process attaching the colon to the posterior abdominal wall, and called ascending, descending, or transverse, according to the portion of the colon to which it attaches.
pelvic mesocolon (sigmoid mesocolon) the peritoneum attaching the sigmoid colon to the posterior abdominal wall.
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Width of Sigmoid Mesocolon in Adults Length Max Length Min Average (cm) (cm) Width (cm) Male 6 2 4.1 Female 7 2 4.2 Table V.
The other end of the band was attached to the ascending colon in four cases, the Treitz' ligament in two cases, and the right lobe of the liver in two children.3 Lin et al8 have reported a band extending from the iliac fossa to the sigmoid mesocolon, while Itagaki et al9 reported the presence of a jejuno-jejuno congenital band.10
The sigmoid arteries consist of two or four branches, which descend to the left, in the sigmoid mesocolon, to supply the lowest part of the descending colon and sigmoid colon.
Since neither of the bowel loops was gangrenous, ileosigmoid knot was undone by rotating one and half turns anti-clockwise and mesosigmoidoplasty was done by incising sigmoid mesocolon longitudinally from root towards apex and suturing transversely with interrupted stitches to shorten the sigmoid mesocolon.
On laparotomy we found around 300-350 ml of blood in the pelvis, 10x10x8 cm large encapsulated mass arising from the sigmoid mesocolon, freely mobile and separate from the sigmoid colon wall.