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In conclusion, after successful endoscopic detorsion, we recommend elective sigmoid resection with primary anastomosis, particularly via a laparoscopic approach, in well-prepared patients in ASA classes I-III.
The Logistic and Gompertz nonlinear regressionmodelswereused, in their simple and double sigmoid versions, because even if the information in the literature indicates a pattern of double sigmoid growth, it is necessary to verify if doubling the number of parameters of the model really attains a gain in the quality of fit, thus prevailing the parsimony principle.
Sigmoid volvulus in Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers.
Mesh plug repair: Can we reduce the risk of plug erosion into the sigmoid colon?
Follow-up colonoscopy (Fujinon EPX-4400 System; EG- 530 WL, Tokyo, Japan) 3 months after discharge revealed the presence of multiple diverticular orifices in the sigmoid colon but no other colonic abnormalities (Figure 4).
The report provides overview of Sigmoid Pharma Limited including its business description, key facts, and locations and subsidiaries
Diagnosis was made on plane X-ray showing grossly distended sigmoid colon with multiple air fluid level, and "coffee bean sign" was found in 42 (62%) patients.
Primary EA is a diagnostic challenge in emergency medicine; for example, right-sided primary EA is often confused with acute appendicitis or right-sided diverticulitis, whereas left-sided primary EA is often misdiagnosed as sigmoid diverticulitis (1, 3).
Through this acquisition, Sigmoid will acquire 100% ownership of the Freund Pharmatec entity and assets, including a state of the art GMP pharmaceutical manufacturing facility and research laboratories.
As per the deal, Sigmoid intends to buy full ownership of Freund Pharmatec and its assets, which include a GMP pharmaceutical manufacturing facility and research laboratories.
The neuron activation functions such as sigmoid [2], logarithmic sigmoid [3] or hyperbolic tangent [4] are mostly used in the artificial neural networks.
On investigation he was found to have two enteroliths in his distal loop of sigmoid colostomy.