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a thing seen.
far sight hyperopia.
near sight myopia.
night sight hemeralopia.
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The ability or faculty of seeing.
See also: vision.
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The ability or faculty of seeing.
See also: vision
[A.S. gesihth]
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The special sense by which the colour, form, position, shape, etc. of objects is perceived when light from these objects impinges upon the retina of the eye.
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Patient discussion about sight

Q. What age does eye sight stabilizes? I was just wondering at what age does your eye sight usually level off and stop getting worse? Any ideas much appreciated!

A. It will stabilize in a few years-age of 26-27.That is the average age people perform lasik surgery.
It is also the age the eye is fully grown.
Don't worry it will not get much worse maybe about -0,75.
Take care

Q. What can you do to make your eye sight better? My eye sight isn’t that great. Is there anyway to improve it, like eating certain foods or drinking certain drinks?

A. There is something called the Bates Method. It is a combination of relaxation and exercises with the eyes. Depending on the problems you have with your eyes it may help. Do an internet search on Bates Method and you will get some info on it and a couple years ago I actually found a place I downloaded a description of some of the exercises.

Q. My vision is blurry and I see zigzag lines, what is it from? Every now and again, usually after sitting a few hours in front of the computer or not sleeping enough at night, I start getting blurry vision. I see zigzag lines in front of my eyes and it can take sometimes an hour to go away. What is this from?

A. It sounds like you have a migraine. A migraine that comes with blurry vision and zigzags (an aura) is called a classic migraine. The aura of migraine typically lasts from 20 minutes to an hour. Some patients have prolonged aura symptoms that can last hours to days. The aura also typically ends before the headache itself begins. When migraine aura symptoms are prolonged or last into or through the headache phase these types of migraine are commonly referred to as complicated migraines.

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Prof Ghafoor said that the people, who claimed to have sighted the moon in far off areas, took time to reach Peshawar city for presenting before the committee.
'We were asked to inform the official central moon-sighting committee about the sighting of the moon if it received people having sighted the crescent,' one of the two members told Dawn.
Blind and sighted individuals performed comparably well when localizing sounds from about 3 meters away that were directly in front of them or just to either side of center front.
In contrast, blind individuals perceived sounds from the right or left and behind their bodies more accurately than sighted volunteers did.
When a person is legally blind the natural tendency is to rely upon his/her minimal vision, even though a blind person with 10 percent or less vision is unable to complete tasks in the same visual manner as a fully sighted person.
With these capabilities, he's made a transition from being an expert blind skier, who depended on verbal directions from a sighted guide, to being a competent sighted skier.
Twenty-seven percent of sighted women have a household monthly income of $2,500 or more (from all sources) as do 48 percent of sighted men.
According to US Army requirements Model 1911's were supposedly sighted for 50 yards.
When restricted to one-ear, or monaural, listening, four of the eight blind people identified sound sources more accurately than did the sighted people, says study coauthor Michel Pare, a neuroscientist at the University of Montreal.
A very revealing exercise to both parents and young folk after they assure me the rifle was bore sighted properly at the store is to put up a target at 100 yards.
Compound this startle-based response with the usually fast time frames found in most violent attacks and you can understand why members of this school so strongly believed in developing both sighted shooting and point shooting skills.
Advocates of point shooting maintain that it is impossible to focus on the sights during the stress of a gun battle, while those who advocate sighted fire fall back on the recollections of those who have been there and their steadfast memory of sight usage.