sidestream smoke

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sidestream smoke

The stream of smoke from the burning end of a cigar, cigarette, or pipe.

Sidestream smoke

The smoke that is emitted from the burning end of a cigarette or cigar, or that comes from the end of a pipe. Along with exhaled smoke, it is a constituent of second-hand smoke.
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side·stream smoke

(sīdstrēm smōk)
Aerosol emitted directly into the surrounding air from the lighted surface of a smoldering tobacco product; may be inhaled by the smoker or those in the vicinity.

sidestream smoke,

n the vaporous byproduct of burning tobacco that enters the air from the smoldering part of a tobacco product, such as the lit tip of a cigarette or cigar.
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The DRA cited numerous scientific studies demonstrating that the sidestream smoke ("SS") emitted from a smoldering cigarette between puffs--the main component of ETS--contained many of the same carcinogenic compounds scientists had identified in mainstream smoke ("MS").
Keywords: Immunosuppression, sidestream smoke, contact hypersensitivity, dinitrofluorbenzene (DNFB)
Mainstream smoke, also called inhaled smoke, is smoke that is inhaled from cigarettes into the body while sidestream smoke is smoke emitted by the cigarettes into the air.
For example, "Do non-smokers have a right to be protected against all sidestream smoke, or only to levels which create health risks?
There is no burning cigarette end and no sidestream smoke, so the only smoke in the air is the smoke exhaled.
13] Because there is no burning of tobacco, there is less sidestream smoke and less tar.
Sidestream smoke emanates directly from the burning area of a cigarette, cigar or pipe without action by the smoker.
Of particular concern, many pregnant teens are exposed to sidestream smoke from both cigarettes and marijuana, possibly in the home.
Many substances are found in much higher concentration in sidestream smoke than in mainstream smoke: two times as much tar and nicotine, five times more carbon monoxide, three times more benzopyrene, and fifty times more ammonia.
PHOTO : Passive smoking or breathing second-hand smoke (exhaled smoke) and sidestream smoke (smoke from a burning cigarette) is hazardous to one's health.
Sidestream smoke, which is what comes off the burning end of the cigarette, is one component of secondhand smoke, along with exhaled smoke.
The surprise came in the sidestream smoke -- the portion spewed into room air as cigarettes burn between puffs.