sidestream smoke

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sidestream smoke

The stream of smoke from the burning end of a cigar, cigarette, or pipe.

Sidestream smoke

The smoke that is emitted from the burning end of a cigarette or cigar, or that comes from the end of a pipe. Along with exhaled smoke, it is a constituent of second-hand smoke.
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side·stream smoke

(sīdstrēm smōk)
Aerosol emitted directly into the surrounding air from the lighted surface of a smoldering tobacco product; may be inhaled by the smoker or those in the vicinity.

sidestream smoke,

n the vaporous byproduct of burning tobacco that enters the air from the smoldering part of a tobacco product, such as the lit tip of a cigarette or cigar.
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It is possible that sidestream smoke interferes with this initial antigen-presenting process.
Mainstream smoke, also called inhaled smoke, is smoke that is inhaled from cigarettes into the body while sidestream smoke is smoke emitted by the cigarettes into the air.
An important question is how many of the known carcinogens identified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) that are found in mainstream and sidestream smoke are continuously or intermittently present in THS (IARC 2004).
Our analyses show there is significant toxicity in harm reduction products, and our data show that reduction of carcinogens in harm reduction mainstream smoke does not necessarily reduce the toxicity of unfiltered sidestream smoke," said Prue Talbot, the director of UC Riverside's Stem Cell Center.
May 16 /PRNewswire/ -- While e-cigarettes have no known carcinogens and offer the benefit of no secondhand or sidestream smoke, some say that the products have been falling victim to friendly fire in the media.
They analysed the effects of two kinds of cigarette smoke: mainstream smoke, which is smoke actively inhaled by smokers; and sidestream smoke, which is smoke that burns off the end of a cigarette.
There are just as many (if not more) harmful chemicals in sidestream smoke as in mainstream smoke.
OBJECTIVE: We investigated mechanisms of susceptibility during critical developmental periods to sidestream smoke (SS) exposure and evaluated the possible effects of SS on neural responses.
Sidestream smoke, which comprises approximately 90% of ETS, served as a surrogate for ETS (Bowles et al.
We have unequivocal data to show that sidestream smoke is dangerous to people with asthma.