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(6.) Krista Thompson, "A Sidelong Glance: The Practice of African Diaspora Art History in the United States," Art Journal 70 (Fall 2011): 19-21.
During my opening round of visits on Friday night, I was met with a steady stream of sidelong smirks: "Can you believe they shut down the L again?" If anything exposes this art community's lack of status with the powers that be, it's this continual snub from the MTA.
They see the sidelong looks your sons and daughters
The broad span between the craft, like the separation between human eyes, now provides scientists with two sidelong views of the most massive flares, or coronal mass ejections.
What can I do to repay you?" Gemma the Mole cast a sidelong glance at the sink full of dirty dishes.
NATURAL, ACTS: A Sidelong View of Science and Nature BY DAVID QUAMMEN (WW NORTON, US$24.95)
sidelong glance at her pal's hunky new man; Eye-opener ...Gwyneth dressed to kill at the party in Miami Pictures: REX FEATURES/BIGPICTURESPHOTO.COM/MATRIX
He does not look to Common Law, which is unwritten, but primarily to Milton's Paradise Lost and Dryden's Indian Emperour with sidelong glances at Aphra Behn and others.
The film's greatest strength is in its sidelong glances at the day-to-day trials on the home front.
Natural acts; a sidelong view of science & nature, rev.
The way they traded a melody from cello to violin to piano to orchestra and back to cello clearly mesmerized the capacity audience, just as it obviously concentrated their own sidelong glances and careful listening and consequent niftily executed exits and entrances.
According to the company, 3M privacy filters enable PC and laptop users to protect confidential data on their screen from sidelong glances.