n movement around an anterior-posterior axis in a frontal plane. Also called
flexion left, flexion right, lateral flexion, or
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During subjective exam, it was noted that the patient preferred to sit with her legs crossed and her upper body leaning toward one side, resulting in side-bending and rotation of the low back.
She had no pain with side-bending to the right but reported SIJ pain when side-bending to the left.
39) noted that on the downswing both left axial rotation velocity and right side-bending angles reached peak values almost simultaneously and just after ball impact which coincided when the majority of players in their study reported experiencing LBP.
To modify this pose for tight hips, keep both feet facing forward and follow steps 4 through 7, only side-bending as far as is comfortable for your hips.
A narrower waist, too, helps counteract the inefficient side-bending movements induced by long legs during running.
Performed on low stools, it is a movement series that recalls yoga and exploits seven different movement directions of the body, from side-bending to circling, designed to tone and strengthen the upper body.
Video images are captured of the spine in motion while patients are guided through a series of flexion, extension, and side-bending movements.
This assessment revealed that during forward bending the right side was slightly limited compared to the left side; otherwise, extension, rotation, and side-bending were unremarkable.
Caption: Figure 4 Dancer side-lying on left side with side-bending and flexion up to L5 and rotation right from the top down to L4 to be able to deliver a high velocity low amplitude thrust to the specific segment we want to move: L4-L5.