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One of the two lateral margins or surfaces of a body, midway between the front and back.
[A.S. sīde]


adjective Lateral, peripheral.
noun A lateral face or border.


An attachment to the front of a spectacle frame passing towards or over the ear for the purpose of holding the frame in position. Syn. temple. See spectacle frame markings; spectacles; library temple.
curl side The end of the side of a spectacle frame that lies along the greater part of the groove behind the ear. It contributes to the stability of the frame and it is particularly useful to children and to people engaged in sports. Syn. earpiece.


to one side.

side bar
see siderod.
side effect
a consequence other than that for which an agent is used, especially an adverse effect on another organ system.
side lines
a means of restraining a horse which can also be used for casting. A 60 ft cotton rope is knotted so that there is a fixed loop in the center. This is placed over the head and seated on the shoulder and the two ends passed between the forelimbs. Each rope end is passed around a hind pastern and brought back to the shoulder loop. Pulling one of the legs up so that the hoof just reaches the ground is used as restraint to prevent the horse rearing. Pulling both legs forward causes the horse to fall.
side reins
see side rein.

Patient discussion about side

Q. Do they have any side effects? what are the benefit of drugs like Divalproex and Carbamazepine over lithium for acute mania patients? Do they have any side effects?

A. It’s a good drug for acute mania patients, but has not been found to be effective in patients with depression. Patients who did not not respond to lithium are benefitted by this. The side effects are weight gain and sedation, as well as multiple drug-drug interactions.

Q. Does it carry any side effects? I am pregnant and in my second trimester. I am having flu infections. I am prescribed with Sudafed. Does it carry any side effects?

A. sudafed is a symptomatical medication. and you can pass the flu without it. in it's instruction its recommended not to use it in pregnancy. so why use it? it's not like it's a life thretening situation and you can't survive without it. it's not worth the risk for the fetus if you ask me.

Q. my sides hurt sometimes it feels like someone is pulling on my nuts usually in morning

A. Your question is very interesting, but the answer depends on many other details such as how old are you? Do you have pain in any other place? Are there any changes on the skin? Do you have any other disease? Is the pain aggravated when you cough? etc.

Mean while you can read a little more here (

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This electric asymmetry appears to arise because the cells on one side of the embryo use ion channels and pumps to drive positively charged ions, such as potassium, out of the embryo.
Thus, the risk of serious side effects, including life-threatening liver damage, to an otherwise healthy person must be weighed carefully against the likelihood of the individual becoming infected.
Possible side effects: Pain where the shot is given.
Most common side effects: abdominal pain, nausea, indigestion, diarrhea
Surgeons also operate on children with cortical dysplasia (dis-PLAY-zhuh), or irregular brain development, and Sturge-Weber syndrome (abnormal blood-vessel formation that causes one side of the brain to shrink).
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