sickle scaler

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sickle scaler

A manual device used to remove supragingival calculus. The instrument has two parallel cutting edges on the face of the blade that converge to form a point. It is effective but slow and damages enamel more than ultrasonic or magnetostrictive scalers.
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sick·le sca·ler

(sikĕl skālĕr)
Periodontal instrument used to remove calculus deposits from tooth crowns. Its working-end has a pointed back, pointed tip, and appears triangular in cross section.

sickle scaler,

n a triangular-shaped dental instrument with two cutting edges and a pointed tip. They are designed primarily to remove deposits from teeth. Sickle scalers with straight shanks are used on the anterior teeth, and contraangled scalers (Jacquettes) are used on the posterior teeth.