sick euthyroid syndrome

eu·thy·roid sick syn·drome

abnormalities in levels of hormones and function tests related to the thyroid gland occurring in patients with severe systemic disease. Thyroid function is actually normal in these patients, and it is uncertain whether treatment of these abnormalities would be beneficial.
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Prevalence and pattern of sick euthyroid syndrome in acute and chronic non-thyroidal illness.
In the present study, the prevalence of overt hypothyroidism was 3.33%, subclinical hypothyroidism was 9.33%, isolated low FT4 in 2.66% patients, while sick euthyroid syndrome was found in 26% patients.
Sick euthyroid syndrome, subclinical hypothyroidism and overt hypothyroidism are most common thyroid function disorders in HIV positive patients and these disorders are more prevalent in patients who have more severe disease and are on antiretroviral therapy.
However, there are other conditions in which TSH remains normal and FT4 is low, namely, sick euthyroid syndrome (11).
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Different thyroid pathologies amy accompany leukemia; hypothyroidsm and hyperthyroidism due to different causes may be observed in the patients and sick euthyroid syndrome may be found (1,2,3).
Deranged thyroid hormone status in non thyroid illnesses: sick Euthyroid Syndrome [editorial].
Sick euthyroid syndrome, a disorder in which there are abnormal thyroid function tests without having a thyroid illness, can be common in individuals with chronic illnesses.
The most common hormone pattern in sick euthyroid syndrome is a decrease in total and unbound [T.sub.3] levels (low [T.sub.3] syndrome) with normal levels of T4 and TSH.
Low thyroid hormon level in our case was evaluated to be "sick euthyroid syndrome".