A sibilant rale.
[L. a hissing]
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(sĭb′ĭ-lŭs) [L. sibilans, hissing]
A hissing rale.
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sib·i·lant rale

(sib'i-lănt rahl)
Whistling sound caused by air moving through a viscid secretion narrowing lumen of a bronchus.
Synonym(s): sibilus.
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The examples Quintilian gives, however, are all of what would be termed onomatopoeias in our time, words coined to refer to a sound while also mimicking it: they are " mugitus, lowing, sibilus, a hiss, and murmur." (6) For the Elizabethan rhetorician George Puttenham, onomatopoeia is "the New namer"; (7) Puttenham is explicit that the newly-minted word should be "consonant" to the nature of its object, and gives a list of onomatopoeic representations of sounds as illustrations: "as the poet Virgil said of the sounding of a trumpet, ta-ra-tant, taratantara, or as we give special names to the voices of dombe beasts, as to say, a horse neigheth, a lion brayes, a swine grunts, a hen cackleth, a dogge howles, and a hundred mo.