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The fourth pathway that leads to metathesis is of Stop - Sibilants, where the periodic noise (hissing sound) distracts the listener; as a result, he/she perceives it metathesized.
Although there is some variation, most research into articulation disorders has concluded that /r/ is the most difficult sound to acquire, followed by sibilants (e.g., /s/, /z/; Clark, Schwarz, & Blakeley, 1993; Klein, Byun, Davidson, & Grigos, 2013; Ristuccia & Aldridge, M.A., 2008; Nippold, 2012).
The verb paze-, paze- has an unalternating sibilant z because conjugation II verbs do not have consonant stems and thus the sibilant never ends up in syllable-final position in the paradigm (Alhoniemi 1985 : 105-107).
Admittedly, the palatal sibilant in anles cannot be the same as the OIA one and is probably an Armenian suffix (cf.
He changed the year to 1915, as Husain-lore has it, as he found the earlier date irritatingly sibilant and alliterative.
Two men, one considerably older than the other, one with a gravelly timbre to his voice and the other shriller, sibilant, more intrusive.
A close examination of the "Dictionarium Sinico-Latinum" (hereafter: DSL) reveals that it attempts to record the standard form of southern Guanhua [TEXT NOT REPRODUSIBLE IN ASCII] pronunciation found in various European alphabetic sources of late Ming and early Qing times and traditionally known in Chinese as the Nanyin [TEXT NOT REPRODUSIBLE IN ASCII] or "Southern Pronunciation." A notable characteristic of this form of Guanhua was that a number of syllable types had dental sibilant initials where the corresponding Beiyin [TEXT NOT REPRODUSIBLE IN ASCII] or northern Guanhua readings had retrotlex initials.
One of the cruellest remarks Churchill ever uttered was the one he made--'with frightful sibilant emphasis'--about the Chiefs of Stall Committee to the Minister Resident in NorthWest Africa, Harold Macmillan.
Sibilant Scouser Peter Sissons, sounding forth on Liverpool And The Media in a St George's Hall Roscoe Lecture, had splendid things to say about the ECHO, barring that we turned him down for his first job in journalism.
For example, projection of plosive, sibilant, and fricative consonants is dramatically reduced, especially in their unvoiced forms (e.g., /t/, /p/, /s/, /f/).
The MacKay-Kummer SNAP Test--which consists of a syllable-repetition subtest and a picture-cued subtest--was used to obtain nasalance scores for oral (bilabial, alveolar, velar, and sibilant) and nasal phonemes.
Navratil, who performs a bit of business early on that plays like an in-joke from "Buttoners," steals every scene he's in with a mischievously sibilant delivery.