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Excessive flow of saliva. See: salivation.
[sialo- + G. rhoia, a flow]


, sialismus (sī'ă-lizm, -liz'mŭs)
An excess secretion of saliva.
Synonym(s): ptyalism, salivation, sialorrhea, sialosis.
[G. sialismos]


1. the flow of saliva.
2. ptyalism.
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It also causes sialosis, taste impairment, dental caries and periodontal disease leading to teeth loss, oral infections like i-e; fungal infections and conditions like lichen planus, geographical tongue and fissured tongue.
Figure 2: Oral Lesions and Conditions Documented in Teledentistry Assessments Oral Lesions: * dental caries (initial and advanced) * mucocele * fibrous hyperplasia * leukoplakia * candida * ulceration * tongue lesions * fibro epithelial polyps * amalgam tattoos * denture granulomas and keratosis * orofacial granulomatosis * sialosis * aphthous ulcer * epidermoid carcinoma * Pyogenic granuloma Malocclusions: * open bite * overjet * overbite * bilateral Class III molars * maxillary incisor irregularity * posterior crossbite Gingivitis Dental trauma Fractures Root canal orifices
6) With bilateral disease, considerations include sialosis, sarcoid, systemic lupus erythematosis, and BLEL associated with either HIV or Sjogren's syndrome.