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Excessive flow of saliva. See: salivation.
[sialo- + G. rhoia, a flow]
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, sialismus (sī'ă-lizm, -liz'mŭs)
An excess secretion of saliva.
Synonym(s): ptyalism, salivation, sialorrhea, sialosis.
[G. sialismos]
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FNA of normal tissue from enlarged salivary glands sialosis or missed target?
It also causes sialosis, taste impairment, dental caries and periodontal disease leading to teeth loss, oral infections like i-e; fungal infections and conditions like lichen planus, geographical tongue and fissured tongue.17,18,20,21
(6) With bilateral disease, considerations include sialosis, sarcoid, systemic lupus erythematosis, and BLEL associated with either HIV or Sjogren's syndrome.