A method of visualization of the Wharton or Stensen duct to visualize sialolithiasis, stenosis, polyps, or sialodochitis.
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, sialendoscopy (sī″ă-lō-en-dos′kŏ-pē) (sī″ăl-en-) [ sialo- + endoscopy]
The use of an endoscope to evaluate and treat salivary duct and gland disorders.
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A method of visualization of the Wharton or Stensen duct to visualize sialolithiasis, stenosis, polyps, or sialodochitis.
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In the early 1990s, the anatomy and diseases of the gland and ductal system started to be evaluated better by the first salivary gland endoscopes of Konigsberger and Katz (1, 2).The first sialendoscopy case series were published in 1997 by Nahlieli and in 2000 by Marchal (2).
A rising interest is on the potential role of sialendoscopy in salivary gland pathology that allows a precise evaluation of the duct system avoiding sialography.
Diagnostic and interventional sialendoscopy. Rev StomatolChir Maxillofac.
Although ultrasonography has become the imaging modality of choice, it is sometimes not even necessary: if the clinical history and physical examination are typical of RJP, it is entirely reasonable to proceed directly to sialendoscopy, since recent studies [7] have demonstrated sufficient diagnostic accuracy.
Cook Medical offers a full suite of minimally invasive sialendoscopy products.
According to literature data, 80-90% of patients with parotid gland sialolithiasis can be treated using minimally invasive techniques such as sialendoscopy and extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL).
In the company's history of making catheters for a variety of therapeutic areas, the Advance Salivary Duct Balloon Catheter is their first high-pressure balloon dedicated to salivary duct intervention and is part of its dedicated sialendoscopy product range.
In sialendoscopy a thin endoscope (viewing tube) is inserted into the salivary duct and instruments are passed down the tube to remove the stone.
Muscat, Mar 10 (ONA) The Ear, Nose and Throat Division of the Surgery Department in Sultan Qaboos University Hospital managed to conduct Sialendoscopy surgeries for the treatment of saliva gland stones.
Physicians use these products in sialendoscopy, a minimally invasive procedure for visualizing and treating obstructive salivary gland disorders through the salivary ducts.
Sialendoscopy is now an established intervention for stone removal, and has been described for use in giant salivary calculi (10).